Ball Stretching For Beginners

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Get the low down on your low hangers!!
Ball stretching is an art, just as much as it is an addiction! As son as you start your ball stretching journey, you’ll want more…

Just one thing before we get into the nitty gritty; when trying ball stretching or any kind of body modification, it is always best to research throughly before hand, and take every precaution so not to traumatise your testis! We want them to hang low, not drop off all together! A ball stretcher that is too tight could cut off the blood circulation to you balls, so f they start to feel cold, or turn a bluish colour, stop immediately. Should things not improve, seek medical attention.

Choosing your ball stretcher:

There are several different types of ball stretchers available, generally, guys see greater improvements when using metal stretchers, but its all about finding something that you’re comfortable wearing, and that suits your needs. Our range of ball stretchers is currently limited to metal stretchers, but as we expand, and add more ranges, we’ll update out how to guides too!

When choosing your stretcher, think about how you want to use it; if its something you eventually want to wear for prolonged periods of time, try finding one that can be worn under clothing, metal stretchers, especially the smaller ones, can be concealed under clothing quite easily, whereas parachute stretchers are more for when you’re in your birthday suit!

Also look at the shape of the stretcher, and what you think would be more comfortable to wear; square edged? Or more rounded like the Doughnut Stretcher?

*Touch Tip: When buying metal stretchers; Measure twice Buy once! Unlike rubber or leather stretchers, the metal ones can’t be adjusted, so check your sizing throughly before buying, else you’ll be left with a rather expensive paper weight.

Two part metal ball stretchers; with the Allen key provided, simply unscrew your ball stretcher, lay the backside against the back of your scrotum, and carefully realign the front section. Go carefully here, so not to pinch your sack between the two halves! Secure with the bolt and hey presto!
*Touch Tip: Have a nice warm shower before putting on your stretcher, so that your nads are nice and low.

Hinged Metal Stretcher; with the Allen key provided, simply unscrew the stretcher, and it’ll open like a book. Easier to put on than a two part stretcher, as both halves are hinged together, but do take extra caution! That hinge can play havoc with a ball bag if you pinch it!

Every day is a school day! Don’t take our word as gospel, always do your research before trying anything out!


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